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The O.C.

I Love My Polos!<3


Name: Daniela

Gender: Female
Status: Single
Location: Chesterfield, MI
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Piercings: 2; one in each ear
Tattoos: none

Stores: Abercrombie, Abercrombie&Fitch, Hollister, Guess, Lacoste, ect.
Brands: ^^ all those lol
Bands: AC/DC, pretty much stuff like that but I'll really listen to almost anything
Tv shows: The O.C., The Simple Life, House M.D.
Movies: The Wizard of Oz, Mean Girls

Your opinion of..
Paris Hilton: She is so gorgeous and she's got like the perfect body. She has done some things in the past that's really bad but she's over that. She's so hilarious on The Simple Life
Nicky Hilton: I don't really even ever hear anything about her
Britney Spears: I think she was so much prettier a couple years ago. She's still a good singer but did she gain some weight
Tyra Banks: She is one of the most naturally beautiful people I've seriously ever seen! I liked her movie a couple years ago where she's like a barbie that comes to life...I forgot what it's called though
Hilary Duff: Lizzie McGuire was one of my favorite TV shows a long time ago but then she went into movies and totally bombed everything. She's a horrible actress and her voice is seriously computerized when she sings. I still say she's really pretty and I loved Cinderella Story but they could have used a better 'Cinderella' than her
Lindsay Lohan: I love her! Not just for the fact about the whole Hilary Duff conflict but she's so pretty and I love her style. I want her hair too!

How did you find out about this community: I looked up interests

Promote us in at least 2 places(link):

If you were rich what brands would you buy: Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Marc Jacobs, so much more!

3-15 Pictures of you:

I love mirror pictures lol

Why are you a prep: I'm a prep because I know my style and I'm always very classy and sophisticated. I was born in Europe so I've been to a lot of places there and seen a lot of different fashions. I'm also obsessed with Lacoste polos! And brands mean everything to me.


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