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I love Polo's


Name: Ally
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Location: Australia
Hair color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Piercings: One in each ear.
Tattoos: none, tattoos are for sluts.
Stores: Aussie stores: - David Jones, Tiffany’s, marcs, Morrissey, Kookai, longchamp, Ralph Lauren, Myer.
Brands: Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Longchamp, Fendi, Ashbury, Hermes, Kate Spade, Donna Karen, and Burberry.
Bands: Well I have fav songs:- Downtown- Which is about forgetting your troubles and going shopping. (It’s very catchy) Uptown girl by Billy Joel is great. Big Band music is always fun to dance to.
Tv shows: The OC, Desperate Housewives also some Australian soaps which are so Bogan!
Movies: The Notebook, Happy Gilmore, My Best friends wedding, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Your opinion of..
Paris Hilton: She is so interesting to hear about, I read in all the women’s mags all this goss and it is really quite funny!
Nicky Hilton: Don’t hear much about her she is defiantly in her sister’s shadow.
Britney Spears: I never really liked britney but she’s alright!
Tyra Banks: I have heard of her but we have Australia’s next top model and she isn’t the host so I am not sure if she’s pretty or not.
Hilary Duff: She seems really nice, and she has made a fortune. Good on ya Hilary!
Lindsay Lohan: Liked the parent trap and mean girls but I really think that in person she is a mean girl.

How did you find out about this community: Friends told me.

Promote us in at least 2 places (link):- I told a lot of ppl at school

If you were rich what brands would you buy: I dunno I am quite happy with my selection of brands at the moment. Although I think that I would buy a lot of new dresses as it is summer at the moment and dresses make me feel like a princess. Perhaps- Escada, Harry who, perhaps some Jill Sander round toed shoes would be nice to match the dress.

3-15 Pictures of you: I could lie and make up some fantastic story but this is the thing- my laptop screwed up so yeah.
Why are you a prep: Because its fun to look better than other people. Its not hard in Australia either this is the typical fashion atm:- Havana’s thongs is pink (shoes), Junk- mini denim skirt faded at the knees with rips in it and chains on the side. (How ugly?) Then they get a top by volcom with swiggly lines all over it and their u have it a typical aussie girl. But I like to look all fancy, go to fancy luncheons with my friends and live the high life. I also think that being preppy makes you very girly. I love being girly, its fun. So overall I love dressing up, having fun, having an excuse to talk bout people (cause that’s what girls do) and living the high life!
So please let me in cause I can give u an insight into the day and the life of an Australian girl. Also let you in on all our new fashions. Thanks
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LJ CUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lj cut!!
and you need to specify where you found out about the community please. and pictures are needed. thanks
Definitely not. Sorry honey, but:
"having an excuse to talk bout people"
is NOT classy, it's trashy!
Dear Kristin,

Thanks for your response on how a have no class. I am offended but not angry. Your comment has also put who i am into perspective, i am a bitch and i know it. So maybe i should stop that. Well i don't really want to be in this community anymore so if u can delete my app that would be great. Thanks Ally
sorry. no can do- our mod is MIA. thanks for being respectful though. i appreciate it. <3