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Name: Kelsey
Age: 14
Gender: female
Status: single
Location: Maryland
Hair color: dirty blonde
Eye color: blue
Piercings: ears
Tattoos: none

Stores: Nordstromes, sometimes Aeropostale or American Eagle, occasionally they have cute summer clothes
Brands: Lilly Pulitzer, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren,
Bands: Destinys Child, Usher, Maroon 5, Norah Jones
Tv shows: Gastineau Girls, E! True Hollywood Story, Gilmore Girls, occassionally 7th Heaven, sometimes Room Raiders, I loved Battle of the Sexes 2.
Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean, Along Came Polly, Finding Nemo

Your opinion of..
Paris Hilton: I think that she is beautiful and a talented model (I haven't seen any of her movies though) but I think that she is on the side of slutty when it comes to her porn movies, and some things that she has done in public. But from reading alot of interviews, she does alot of fundraising for underprivledged children, and I support that 100%. I'm glad shes doing some positive things with her money.
Nicky Hilton: I don't know too much about her except for I've seen stories about her and her sister on TV and in magazines. But I like her handbags, their really cute and I think it was an upward move that made her more popular since her sister is in the spotlight more often.
Britney Spears: I don't like her very much, I did however like a few of her songs a long long time ago, but shes too slutty and revealing for my likes.
Tyra Banks: Oh I think shes really pretty, I liked that movie Life Size that she played in, but I don't know too much about her besides that.
Hilary Duff: Ick. I really really don't like her. I can't beleive that most people would really call her an actor, I know people who could play better parts than her in any movie, and I have no idea why they chose her out of any people to be "Cinderella". I saw that movie with my friends sister (shes in 7th grade) and I almost gagged. Truthfully, I do like the lyrics to her songs, but her voice isin't on my top 20.
Lindsay Lohan: I think that she is cute, I liked that movie that she played in when she was younger, Parent Trap, and I've heard all of her other movies are good too. I've read alot about her, and she seems pretty down to earth compared to alot of Hollywood stars, I prefer her to Hilary anyday.

How did you find out about this community: Through another prep community.

Promote us in at least 2 places(link):

If you were rich what brands would you buy: mmm Coach, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, alot of Lilly and Lacoste stuff..

3-15 Pictures of you:

title or description
^on the right, at dinner with my bff^

title or description
^Showing off a purse on my birthday^

title or description
^Before easter dinner with friends and family^

title or description
^In the middle, at Hard Rock Cafe in Boston for Spring Trips^

title or description
^On the left, a year ago at Christmas Dance^

Why are you a prep: I think that I am a prep because I was well brought up to be respectable, mannerly and confident in everything that I say, and do. I dress conservatevely, and attend a private school that can give me a good education. I was taught to be non racial, and respect and accept everyone for who they are, and be friends with everyone that I meet, wether I really like them or not.

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