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I Love my polo's

application! Name: Kelly O'Brien
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Status: Single
Location: Avon, Connecticut
Hair color: blonde
Eye color: green
Piercings: one hole each ear
Tattoos: none

Stores: nordstrom, j.crew, golf club stores, boutiques, lacoste, neiman marcus, bloomingdales, saks fifth avenue, tiffany's
Brands: lacoste ralph lauren lilly pulitzer coach juicy couture dior seven for all mankind citizens of humanity
Bands: coldplay, tom petty, tim mcgraw, 50 cent, the OC soundtracks
Tv shows: the oc, laguna beach
Movies: miracle, a beautiful mind, mean girls, love actually, the notebook,

Your opinion of..
Paris Hilton: i'm not going to lie, the simple life is pretty entertaining! She's really pretty although I wish she would do something positive with her money.
Nicky Hilton: cute handbags, she has pretty eyes. I like her a lot, it's cool that she has the handbag business and is doing something with her life.
Britney Spears: cut the airbrushing. good dancer, but nobody actually wears those feather hair ties... i do listen to her music though, her second cd has some classics!
Tyra Banks: she's pretty, loooved america's next top model.
Hilary Duff: get over the Lindsay lohan fight! she's cute but a little bit obnoxious.
Lindsay Lohan: get over the hilary duff fight! we all know we loved watching her go from bottom to top in mean girls... she's really pretty and talented.

How did you find out about this community: I typed in lacoste as one of my interests, and this came up. i liked the name, too.

Promote us in at least 2 places(link):, kobcrew24

If you were rich what brands would you buy: Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Ferragamo, chanel, valentino, yves saint laurent,

3-15 Pictures of you:

Why are you a prep: I am a prep because I like looking good, in a classy timeless style. I feel like my clothes represent who I am, and they define my style. I go to an all girls boarding school in new england, and I live in connecticut. I am attending Brown university in the fall. I absolutely love lacoste, it is a small obsession of mine along with designer jeans. obsession as in whenever i get some cash... it's the first thing I spend it on!
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