i love my polos!

status:single and loving it!
hair color:blonde
eye color:blue
piercings:4 in my ears and one in my bellybutton!
your favorite:
stores: louis vuitton, von dutch, gucchi, abercrombie, lucky brand, guess, and american eagle!
brands: louis vuitton, von dutch, gucchi, burberry, abercrombie, lucky brand, guess, american eagle, prada, and juicy.
bands: dashboard confessional, adeyladea, simple plan, uwritten law, sum 41, 50 cent, lil flip, lil scrappy, trick daddy...basically anything rock and rap!
t.v. shows: desperate housewives, life as we know it, degrassi the next generation, oz, the sopranos, boston leagal, medium, law and order, the o.c, the simple life, my so called life, and 24!
movis: anything with jude law in it! the buttefly effect, employee of the month, the village, the forgotten, ladder 49, and anything with orlando bloom or brad pitt in it!
your opinion of:
paris hilton: so hot! but this season dressing with short and low cut things is so out! i still love her though!
nicky hilton: in some ways hotter than paris! i love the hair!
britney spears: ok she was hot but now needs to so lose some wait!
tyra banks: she is such a beautiful person! she is smart, pretty, and totally talented!
hilary duff: she is so adorable! great actress too. im not to into her products though!
lindsay lohan: love the song rumours! she dresses so hot and is a total sweetie!
how did you find out about this community? well i was just looking through communities on the sight and came across this one. i looked at it and the community was so me!
promote us on 2 other communities: degrassi icons and 100degrassi_rp!
if you were rich what brands would you buy? hello, i already am! my last name is talbot! i love my louis bags and gucchi ones too! i just plain love going up to chicago and new york to go shopping! im so spoiled!
*i dont have pics on my lap top! give me like three weeks when i get my new computer and i will put some up!*
why are you a prep? i guess because i just grew up around it! i love the clothes and the attitude you get along with it! preps are unstoppable and always will be!
Dan Radcliffe is fcuking hot.

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***YAY FOR SNOW DAYS**** anyone else get hit?

Anyways...I applied for a couple of communities and they are pretty slow and dont have many members so why dont you all apply!?

__the_plastics_ easy easy application and the mod is accepting everyone since shes trying to build up the community


the_pearl_girls has been dead for awhile and Im trying to bring it back alive...really nice people there it seems like so go for that one too!

Made a new banner for our community too today. It got a little blurry when I gave it a URL. If you want to see it go to my info page. Have a great night and I think we need a new theme of the week...